Top 5 Places to Visit in Cartagena‎ 2018


Cholon Party Tour

When you’re visiting Cartagena then spend a day out on the waters that make Cartagena famous on Cholon Island party. Diving with the comfort and security of a guide and HiCartagena team, and relax as you sail around the Caribbean Sea. This tour includes all equipment, lunch, and hotel pickup and drop-off from your Cartagena lodging.


Historic Walking Tour Cartagena

HiCartagena was taking you the best historical walking tour for first-time visitors. Exploring with a guide means you benefit from added information about Cartagena’s culture and history, and traveling in an air-conditioned bus allows you to stay cool and experience the best city tour. Plus, all entrance fees and convenient hotel pickup and drop-off are included within tour.




Half-Day Tour to Totumo Mud Volcano Cartagena

Totumo Mud Volcano may be a one-of-a-kind attraction home to mineral-infused mud that’s supposed to own healing properties. Avoid the effort of conveyance and also the expense of taxis on a stress-free trip to the mud volcano, which include lunch and convenient hotel pickup and drop-off. You’ll have ample time to soak within the bath and, in contrast to standard tours from Cartagena; this excursion includes a stop at Manzanillo Beach.


Cartagena Nightlife Tour

Capture the color and attractiveness of Cartagena’s spirited nightlife on a 4-hour city tour by bus. Climb aboard a vivacious ‘chiva’, a colorful open wooden bus typical in Cartagena, to start your exciting excursion into the night. Hear pulsing live music, sip complimentary drinks and admire spectacular sights as you cruise round the fascinating colonial town. Keep it up the revels at a preferred native spot, or come back to your hotel at the end of this tour.



Rosario Islands Day Tour

Escape to the picturesque paradise of the Rosario Islands on a pleasant day-trip from Cartagena. Expertise the idyllic splendor of the iridescent water and sleek sands as you cruise to the seductive land. Plunge into the crystal clear Caribbean waters; recline within the shade of a palm on a happy beach. Treat your style buds to a conventional lunch and revel in convenient edifice pickup on this heavenly excursion.


So join HiCartagena for a tour of great music, beautiful views and all round great vibes in the most incredible location around the Cartagena. What more could you want? Reserve seats online.



What to do in Cartagena Tours?


Are you planning to go for a vacation? Your first stop should be the famous Cartagena city! This city of natural beauty and magical experience is the best place to be. Cartagena is one of the richest cities in matters of history in Colombia. It was here that commercial developments started, and also the first step to abolition of slavery in Colombia, thus making it one of the most famous historical cities.


Cartagena city tour

As you walk around city you can feel the mystical historical and natural beauty of the old city. The colorful colonial buildings and the great town wall can vividly explain the historical feel of the city. If you are looking for luxurious hotels and private villas for accommodations, Hi-Cartagena we are here for you. You can contact as to make the necessary arrangements, we will also provide you with a team of expert from chefs, drivers and captains and boat crew.


  • Walk along the historical city walls


    Historical City Walls

What covers every aspect of the city beauty is the stunning wall that shields it from storm, pirates among other things. As you walk along the city walls you will get to discover and explore ancient churches, colorful colonial buildings, massive plazas painted in a variety of captivating paints. Such features are what have made the city to earn a good reputation as a Unesco World Heritage city in the world. A walk tour is the best way to explore the city, and make your visit a memorable one. How you will able to explore the city is not a mystery as Hi-Cartagena we are here to help you with everything you need to explore the city. We will provide you with a well trained and courteous tour guide, who will guide you around the city.

  • Mud Bath in an active mud volcano


    El Totumo volcano

There few places in the world that you get to swim on active volcano, which is said to have powerful healing properties; Cartagena is one of these places. Bathing in an active volcano is the best thing you can experience in Cartagena city tour: Lets Hi-Cartagena professional team takes you to a volcano tour. El Totumo volcano is one of the best places to enjoy your vacation in Cartagena. You don’t need a person to massage you, the mud volcano will fulfill all you massage desires as it massages you with volcanic medicinal goodness and feel.

  • Party and dances

    Party Cartagena

    Party Cartagena

Party like a Caribbean! You are here for a vacation, party with your family and friends and show it. Hire the best DJ in Party Cartagena, and have a private party in your private villa. Make the Cartagena visit memorable as you attend Cartagena party and dances. Here in Cartagena dancing runs in our veins. Organize bachelor and bachelorette party and dance like a Colombia. Partying and adventure begins immediately you lands in Cartagena. You can organize a pool party, a private island party, bachelor/bachelorette party; it all depends with your desire. Our team is here to make it happen. Hi-Cartagena will provide you with trained chefs, and connect you with the best DJ in the city.

  • Luxurious hotels and restaurants


    Cartagena Restaurants

In Cartagena you don’t need to worry about where to lay your head, stay or eat. There are numerous hotels and cartagena restaurants that are found in this city. You can have a chance to taste quality and quantity meals from classic restaurants in this city. If you are in need of a hotel to stay, you can contact Hi-Cartagena, and we will make the necessary arrangement. We will even pick you at the airport and drive you to your hotel.


Cartagena city tour with private transport services


Cartagena City : Cartagena is one of the historical cities in Colombia. Cartagena is a city of old architectural and flowers cascading from the balconies keep you feel fresh. Cobblestone streets, colorful homes, and charismatic citizens make Cartagena city tour to the perfect place for your next vacation. you can plan a trip to magic city Cartagena with your family or crazy friends.


Cartagena Tours

Cartagena tours by Car:

Millions of tourists visit the old world city every year and they easily get lost in little streets of beautiful city Cartagena while enjoying impromptu performances in the district of San-Diego. Hiring a car in Cartagena tours lets you start your adventure as soon as you entered the city and explore the romanticism of the city like its churches, its streets, and colonial structures.


Cartagena tours by Car

Why hire car:

Your way to a glorious day starts here. No great adventure ever started on the couch. Hiring a car for your vacation adds to that extra special holiday excitement of driving something different. Using a hired car, going through the city feel like you are experiencing the history that everything took place in the city 100 years ago. Our dedicated team of professionals works 24 hours a day to ensure the ultimate transportation experience and services to our customers.


Car Hire Cartagena

Select your ride:

Where would you prefer to meet us and drive your journey? With so many vehicles to choose from, it’s easy to discover the city’s most famous sights, wherever you’re traveling from. Car hire Cartagena from our wide range of vehicles according to your style, space, and price. We offer standard sedans to luxury vehicles of your choices at affordable prices accommodate your needs for your trip to Cartagena.


Cartagena Car Hire

Chauffeur services:

Don’t worry if you forgot to carry a license, we’ll even drive you! We hire highly-trained, uniformed, drug-tested, and multilingual cabbies for our customers to make their vacations remarkable. They will always arrive before the time to catch you from your location with the car or your choice to make your trip as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

We ensure great offers on all the vehicles

The following are some of our transport services;

  • Cartagena Downtown / Airport
  • Cartagena / Tayrona
  • Cartagena/Santa Marta
  • Cartagena/Palomino
  • Cartagena/Playa Blanca
  • Cartagena/Mud Volcano
  • Cartagena/ Mophos- Private car services
  • Airport Drop Round Trip Service- Pickup and drop off.

Advantages Of Professional Car Hire Services And How You Can Make Full Use Of It.


Professional car hire services make life pretty easy. You get to travel comfortably in your choice of the car without unpleasant issues. When you use professional car services, you enjoy the benefit of a relaxed atmosphere and experience drivers that are well-mannered, these drivers have the city’s maps at the back of their palms to help you a tour and enjoy your holiday. If you are on a business trip, or you have business meetings to attend and want professional services, then you need a vehicle hire service to help you beat time without breaking the law or being reckless.

There are various advantages of consulting professional car hire services, but how can you hire professional car hire services and get value for your money? Here are some tips to consider.

Selecting the best professional car hire service

  1. Seek a reputable firm

Cartagena Car Hire offer quality services at pocket-friendly prices, this is what we do, we go the extra mile to ensure our clients are happy and satisfied.

Car Hire Cartagena offer world-class professional services. When you choose us, we will experience unbeatable professionalism.


Cartagena Car hire

  1. Think about the Vehicle

One of the reasons why people experience terrible car hire service is because they failed to choose the ideal car for their travel needs. Considering your trip and who you are travelling with, the size, spec and vehicle extras will determine if you enjoy the rental service or not. For instance, it is not necessary to choose an SUV if traveling alone but you need an automatic transmission car with a GPS system. Cartagena car hire provides these facilities to ensure that you get the value you deserve on car hired.

  1. Think about rental terms and conditions

The differentiating factor between an amazing car rental experience and a woeful one is in the terms and conditions of the hiring service. A proper term and conditions of service should not limit you to a particular region within a country, make getting additional drivers difficult or picking you up from the airport problematic. Cartagena Car Hire is a professional car hire service with terms and conditions that allow you the freedom to enjoy rented cars for your touring and travelling needs.

Before hiring a vehicle, ask about driving restrictions, pick up and car return time, and cost for getting additional drivers. This way, you will discover if the hire is worth it or not

Why Is Cartagena City Tour So Famous?


Cartagena is the place to tour! Cartagena city is known for its popular beautiful beaches. Enjoy the tropical feel, picturesque views, and of course the salty sea air that come a long with Cartagena beaches. Get to know the amazing historical stories of Cartagena city as your stroll along the colorful city walls. Make your tour to this popular tourist destination a memorable one by making arrangements for a walking tour or a bicycle tour. It is more adventurous and fun to tour the street of Cartagena by foot; alternatively you can use a bicycle to explore this home of stunning historical sites, tasty food and drinks, friendly folks, postcard worthy streets, architecture and amazing colonial buildings.


Cartagena City

As you plan for a vacation, Cartagena should be a must visit city. With it fascinating history, you only need a bilingual and well trained tour guide to guide you around the city. Don’t worry; getting a professional and courteous tour guide isn’t a problem.

Casa-Botero-Image-1 (1)

Cartagena Tours

At Hi Cartagena tours we have a team of professional tour guides and drivers who knows around the city like the palm of their hands. At Hi Cartagena we offer a number of tours such as bicycle tour, walking tour, city tour, food tours, Beach tours, island tours, volcano tours, and boat tours. Hit the Cartagena streets and experience the tropical climate and delicious drinks and food like Cartagena people. In Cartagena the phrase ‘I have nothing to do’ isn’t in their City dictionary. Every kind of a person is catered for, whether you are a party person, a nature walk person, a private person or even a beach person, Cartagena is the place to be.


Cartagena City Tour

Cartagena City Tour

Cartagena city is home of friendly and kind people. This walled street features narrow cobble streets, tropical climate and beautiful colonial buildings, thus making it the best tourist destination in the world. Hi-Cartagena we are here to make your stay at this city unforgettable. We have professional tour guides who will take you around this wonderful city.

Five Small But Important Things To Observe In Best Tours In Cartagena



Best Tours in Cartagena

What makes Cartagena the best tourist destination is their guided tours. As you stroll along the white side beaches, enjoy the tropical breeze, take a lunch break and enjoy the delicious seafood at Playa Blanca. To get the best tour services contact Hi-Cartagena. At Hi-Cartagena we care! We will pick you on arrival, take you to you to your favorite hotel as well as give you a tour around the city. Hi-Cartagena team comprises of trained drivers, tour guides, chiefs and others. See the historical side of Cartagena, white beaches, stunning cobblestone streets with help from our courteous and knowledgeable tour guides. Below are some of the best tours in Cartagena;

Food tours

The way to Cartagena culture is through food. As you stroll along the Cartagena beaches, streets and city make a stopover and take a quick snack or a tasty Colombian dish. Eat and drink like a Cartagena. Take a sit at your favorite hotel and enjoy the mouth watering Cartagena cuisine. After taking your delicious meal, enjoy a piece or two of the Cartagena tropical fruits and in case you are thirsty, Cartagena cocktail will quench your thirst.


Food Tours

Beach tour

Get to know why Cartagena is the best tourist beach destination. Wear your sunscreen and stroll along the Playa Blanca. Feel the tropical climate as you bury your feet on the wet sand at the edge of the waves. Lie on a mat under the palm trees and enjoy your favorite cocktail.


Beach Tours

Bicycle tours

Pedal the bike of your desires past the colorful colonial buildings side by side with a trained private tour guide. Our professional Cartagena Tours guide will take your around the historical old town as he narrates to you the magical stories of Cartagena History. The best thing about bicycle tours is that you get to exercise your muscles as you view the unique cultural features of Cartagena. Hi-Cartagena will not only provide you with a modern bike but a helmet and guide too. Alternatively you can enjoy a walking tour if you aren’t fun of riding a bike.


Bicycle Tours

Island Tours

Get an opportunity to sail the cool clean water of Caribbean. Experience a world class voyage by being part of the private Rosario Island tour. Tour your paradise destination with the help of Hi-Cartagena. Hire you own private sailboat, speedboat, catamaran or yacht and enjoy a boat tour with your family and friends.


Island Tours

Volcano tours

Would you love to bask on an incredible volcano? Make arrangements with Hi-Cartagena for a tour to the Totumo Mad Volcano. Bask on the marvelous volcano with your friends. Did you know that basking on a mixture of ash and hot spring makes your skin smooth and soft? Totumo is believed to be a source of magical healing properties.


Volcano Tours